Tricky Dick & The cover ups

With an undeniable repertoire of close to 200 hit songs, Tricky Dick boasts four young and energetic members with fun personalities and refined musicianship. With a constantly growing playlist comprised of non-stop blocks of music, a unique and compelling intelligent light show, a sincere dedication to engaging every audience, and over three years of experience playing 200+ shows a year together, Tricky Dick has garnered over 6,000 fans on Facebook and they have only just begun.

The Rockets

We are a 6 Piece, High Energy Band from Northeast Philadelphia. We play everything from Linkin Park to Build me up Butter cup and everything in between. We like to talk and party with all of our friends at our shows and meet new ones!!!! The Rockets are synonymous with the words "Party Band." For well over a decade they have dominated the East Coast club scene.

Jason Davoli

Review By Dan MacIntosh: Some songs just sound like they ought to be hits. "One Last Kiss", by Jason Davoli, is just such a song. It has a pretty fiddle part on it, and the lyric speaks of how one simple kiss can make an oftentimes ugly world look suddenly pretty. Davoli is a good singer, and he has a sweet falsetto vocal part on both "Free" and "Dreaming of You". He sounds like a true romantic, it's true, which isn't a bad thing at all.